Thinking is Natural…

Thinking is a natural automated act, just like breathing and heartbeat are, and therefore it is impossible to teach someone to think. However, it is possible to help develop someone’s thinking, by helping develop a creative, curious and questioning mind. – John Dewey (paraphrased quote by Gil Dekel, PhD.)

As “teachers” we can guide, we can learn alongside, we can promote, we can encourage, we can bring about opportunities, we can question, we can share, we can provide resources, we can get out of their way.  What we can not do is the one thing that gives us our name…TEACH.

Teaching is best used to disseminate information and to provide learning through direct instruction.  Want to learn some facts or algorithms? Teaching is a good verb to use.  Want to develop the curious, thinking mind? Provide the opportunity, support the learner created process of exploration and inquiry, help the learner develop understanding through resources and guidance.  Teachers… You are a seasoned and professional “learner“. you can do it.



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